Postcards from Nashville’s club scene

Venturing out with my camera to document Nashville’s vibrant guitar and music scene. And folks, it isn’t all country!

Justin Kalk Orchestra - Mercy LoungeJustin Kalk Orchestra at Mercy Lounge 06-19-14

Justin Kalk (guitar), Steo Britton (bass), and Jeremy Williams (drums)

Ty Segall 090814

Ty Segall at Mercy Lounge 09-08-14

Webb Wilder rocks the Basement

Webb Wilder with Bob Williams (guitar), Tom Comet (bass), and Jimmy Lester (drums) at The Basement 08-22-14

Andrew Leahey & The Homestead rock the Basement

Andrew Leahey & The Homestead at The Basement 08-22-14

(L-R) Miles Price, Andrew Leahey, Samantha Joelle,  Tom Reschke

JD Simo rocks the Basement

J.D. Simo at Mercy Lounge 07-18-14

Thom Bresh 090314

Thom Bresh headlining Nashville New Acoustic show at Douglas Corner 09-03-14


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