My second magazine cover


What a thrill—my photo on the cover of Premier Guitar! This is my second PG cover and it’s an honor to be given the gig.

Tube freaks may recognize some vintage and new-old-stock glass here: a Mullard EL34 (Great Britain), Westinghouse 6V6 (USA), and National 6L6 (Soviet Union). I use a wonderful THD Univalve head to audition these and other “orphan” tubes. Unlike most amps, the low-watt Univalve operates on a single power tube, so I don’t have to create pairs or quartets for tone tests. This means if I come across one working vintage or NOS specimen, I can use it to make music. As experienced guitarists will tell you, different tube types. brands, and even countries of manufacture can yield dramatically different tones in guitar amps. It’s nerdy, but fun to explore some of the many sonic variations power tubes offer. Factor in different guitars and speaker cabinets, and it becomes an endless journey.


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