Webb Fest 10

Celebrating the release of his latest album, Mississippi Moderne, Webb Wilder rocked the Ext/In on November 14, 2015. This was also the tenth year for Wilder’s annual “Webb Fest.” Here are several moments from the show …

3069 _Webb Fest_11-14-15

Note to self: “Oh shit, double vision! Maybe I shouldn’t have eaten that brownie after all.”

3179_Webb Fest_11-14-15

Hitchin’ a ride on that rock ‘n’ roll highway …

3009_Webb Fest_11-14-15

Wilder gets down with bassist Tom Comet of the ever groovin’ Beatnecks. The band has played together for 3o years!


Postcards from Nashville’s club scene

Venturing out with my camera to document Nashville’s vibrant guitar and music scene. And folks, it isn’t all country!

Justin Kalk Orchestra - Mercy LoungeJustin Kalk Orchestra at Mercy Lounge 06-19-14

Justin Kalk (guitar), Steo Britton (bass), and Jeremy Williams (drums)

Ty Segall 090814

Ty Segall at Mercy Lounge 09-08-14

Webb Wilder rocks the Basement

Webb Wilder with Bob Williams (guitar), Tom Comet (bass), and Jimmy Lester (drums) at The Basement 08-22-14

Andrew Leahey & The Homestead rock the Basement

Andrew Leahey & The Homestead at The Basement 08-22-14

(L-R) Miles Price, Andrew Leahey, Samantha Joelle,  Tom Reschke

JD Simo rocks the Basement

J.D. Simo at Mercy Lounge 07-18-14

Thom Bresh 090314

Thom Bresh headlining Nashville New Acoustic show at Douglas Corner 09-03-14